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Namasté to all, a grand welcome to my website; Restore Your Life, ayurveda and spiritual teachings.


On this page I share with you my experiences and services as ayurvedic practitioner and lightworker healer. As I myself had the experience of breast cancer in 2002, I used ayurveda to heal myself after all allopathic treatments. How ayurveda helped me to get my health back in body, mind and soul, is what I love to share with you all. The teachings about how to RESTORE YOUR LIFE, the inner road of transformation, to reunite you with your TRUE SELF.

Many healing tools I may share with you, of all accumulated SELF deeper knowledge of all universal spiritual teaching. It blooms in my souls heart to share these tools for all humanity souls, that wish to rise and shine again in life. And share how to navigate your present life with all this cosmic information and to channel your personal guides and path. To assist you to become your own master, to take back your full empowerment to reach this state of love and peace.

I channel much ancient wisdom from Spirit/the energy world and make video productions about this whenever a message comes through. It comes in light-language and sound-healing. I share these on my YouTube channel

My service is online, where I AM to serve people with their challenges in life. For booking of a personal session, see my info here.

I made many documentary series on body, mind, soul and Ayurveda, and traveled to India in 2017 and 2018 for the making and realization of this. I bring these online, so everyone can enjoy these video’s. My wish is that everyone around the globe, who has internet, can feel this natural wisdom.

Enjoy the video’s at my YouTube channel and the free recipe on Kitcheri, a great Ayurveda dish. You can find more information on my website Blog & Vlogs for many different video’s and writings.

Wishing you all good health and happiness, to reunite with your true amazing self.

Blessings and much love and light to you,


Services Available


check Body, mind, soul and ayurvedic documentary series to help you take steps on a higher level of health and wisdom.

check Personal (online) sessions that can help you to raise your vibrations and grow on your spiritual path.

check Healing on distance sessions, to help you further in your personal growth.

check Ayurvedic Nutrition and Ayurveda practitioner consultation, to optimize your quality of life on all levels.

check Personal retreats or activation’s through sound-healing, light-language and energy-work.

check Consultations and 1 on 1 sessions onine.

check Vlogs on my video channel.

check News, inspiration and information on my blog.


Making an appointment or booking a session with me can be done via email; ayurveda@restoreyourlife.nl.

Read here my life’s story in Dutch and lot’s of information is shared on my Facebook page; Esnadi at RestoreYourLife

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Malvina Vertelkaité

“Before meeting Esnadi, I was struggling in life, trying to figure it out who I am, what my purpose in this life is, and what steps I need to take to live the life of my dreams. It is a gift to me that I had the opportunity to meet this strong, unique and extraordinary healer. Her vast life experience, wisdom, and knowledge helped me  to find a balance of mind, body, and soul. I never thought it could change my quality of life that way. I finally feel at peace with myself and have the courage and energy to create the best version of myself. If my words touch you and you also want to feel love, peace and harmony in your life, Esnadi is what you need”.

Ad van Alphen

” Because of the loving patient mentor-ship that Esnadi gave me these years, I have really experienced a grand metamorphosis. All advice with physical, nutrition and lifestyle, as well as mental, emotional and spiritual. Everything is connected to each other and that’s how I got in contact with all these elements again through Esnadi. She continually brought me back into the NOW, in the experience, because I was not consciously present as a human being, I had closed my feelings. The weekly supervision, helped me step by step, to open up old pains and I allowed them to be healed. I did not walk away from it anymore and worked with it, and so Esnadi guided me completely in these processes. By healing again and again, the connection with my higher self opened up. As a result, I thawed and learned to connect again from my heart and not my pain or fear. “


” My headache is gone and i feel amazing! Thank you Esnadi 🎁 You are the best coach ever 🙏 “