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I was amazed that I got metastatic (breast) cancer in 2002; how could my body fail me like that? My quest for health, harmony and bliss then began. After going through the allopathic ways of treatment, I was able to start cleaning. I found out that your body, your thoughts and your soul plan are connected in all ways. One thing was certain; I was going to do everything I could to feel super healthy in all those aspects of me.

In 2003 I started with a breathing course and after this with Ayurvedic yoga and meditation. This felt so good to me that I was ready to optimize my body. I went to study Ayurvedic nutrition in the Netherlands and I applied everything I learned to myself. With the help of Ayurvedic doctors and practitioners, annual deep soul retreats, intense detox, yoga & meditation teachings and many spiritual courses, I did all I could.

esnadi restore your life about me

Within 1 year, in 2009, I lost my excess weight, the 26 kg that was not part of my constitution. I regained energy, became happier, enjoyed things in life again. With my enthusiastic way of gaining these experiences, I grew more and more into a person who had found herself again. I Restored my life! So it is possible and I wanted to experience that out of my own free will. I felt strongly that I have a long and happy life ahead of me and that it is possible to heal myself.

When this first foundation was laid, I was so fascinated by the power of Ayurveda that I wanted to share it. That’s how my own company, RESTORE YOUR LIFE, was born. My logo shows that I entered the challenging way within and arrived at the orange part; at my heart and soul. From there I found peace and reconnected with my higher self and the Universe.

My curiosity grew and I wanted to know everything about disease processes, why we attract and create them. I went to join the Ayurvedic practitioner training at Eisra for five years. There it became even clearer to me how everything is connected. In that time I myself also went deep soul diving with a coach. I looked at and embraced my emotions, looked within in and reopened my heart fully! I reunited with my true self! From there my soul path and dreams got more space and I started to support more and more people around me with this same path of awakening.

Eventually I found out that it was not my body that had failed me, but that it was me “myself”. Now I realize how you can experience “living from your heart and in connection with all that is”.

I would like to share these experiences and knowledge with you and offer my services as an Ayurvedic practitioner, coach & healer. We can meet LIVE or ONLINE via the internet, in Dutch or English. For an appointment please make a bookings via my website, by email: ayurveda@restoreyourlife.nl. If you’d like to read some testimonials from people who’ve had a session with me, have a look here.

Also, since 2017 I also started professional videos filmed in India; about body, mind, soul and Ayurveda. These can be found on my YouTube channel. More about these documentaries you can read on my website on the page video productions.

Through my YouTube channel I also share light language / sound and vibrations that have a healing effect on your body, mind and soul. And there I channel messages from the energy world around us. The inspiration that comes to me in different ways, shapes or forms is shared on my blog. And finally, for information about the Switching course; click here


Warm regards, Esnadi Höppener,

Restore Your Life, my passion.