Esnadi singing mantra Tryambakam for healing

Esnadi singing mantra Tryambakam for healing
Esnadi singing mantra Tryambakam for healing
A MANTRA is about tuning the frequency energy in you and around you, to other human Beings and all on the earth living BEings, mother Gaia and the whole cosmos.
It tunes your vibrations into the state of balance and connected to the amazing frequency of SOURCE love and light.
May this mantra assist you in tuning your body, mind and soul, and spread the love vibrations wide and far.
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Feel free to share wide and far in original form ❤🌟🙏♾, Copywrite Esnadi.
Made with love, Esnadi 🌀💙
Reunite with your true self🌀
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LOVE VIBRATIONS alligning you with your inner SELF

Fresh sound video from the magical Scotland!
Tuning and LOVE VIBRATIONS alligning you with your inner SELF. To become ONE inside, your inner UNION💃🚶‍♂️.
SOUNDS and video from the sacred travels in Scotland, from the amazing white beaches of Scotlands LEWIS ISLAND.
sending you much love and light, vibrate it out, RESTORE YOUR LIFE.

Esnadi music and love vibrations
REUNITE with your true SELF💞

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made with love on july 9th 2019, the healing sound of the Scotland trip.

Esnadi channeling energy and lightlanguage from Egypt  

Esnadi channeling energy and lightlanguage from Egypt 

Blessings to you all from this beautiful temple, at the Egypt Gods exposition, much love🌈


and the youtube version of the channeling, enjoy namaste

Sound and Universal lightlanguage with Esnadi video

Sound and Universal lightlanguage with Esnadi video

Enjoy the deeper healing send with this channeling.

I went to the forest and this wanted to become a video. Enjoy the deeper healing and codes coming through..
“Sound and Universal lightlanguage with Esnadi video”
All is frequency, and sound may help you to Restore Your Life. These Universal soundcodes and lightlanguage brings great attunement with your aura and frequencyfield. Your own vibration, that you hold in your embodyment.
I am channeling these sounds for you as part of my service work.
Please relax and take a moment to close your eyes and be in receptive meditational mode.
Much love to you, Esnadi 🌀🌹

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FEMALE HEALING vibrations of LOVE💃❤〰️🌈🌀

With this healingsound and lightlanguage video, I am specially channeling today on international womansday, 8th of march, our divine FEMALE energy healing and attunement with our divine masculin energy. Our inner unification of both these divine qualities.This is for both woman and men, for we both are female and masculin.

FEMALE HEALING vibrations of LOVE💃〰️🌈🌀
Sound vibrations and lightlanguage, are our natural ancient ways of healing our frequency. Our body, mind and soul reacts to that on a deeper level. And so when you listen and be receptive, you can activate your DNA and the structure of your frequency, with these higher dimentional vibes.

This will result in healing and restoring your unique frequency.

When you attune to this way of healing, be fully receptive and open to wanting to receive it. You may state to yourself:


Understand that when you give permission to be ready for it, it will work very powerful, even if you are not feeling anything now, your soul and DNA knows.

If this does not resonate with you, that’s ok.

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Please share these special healing FEMALE energies wide and far.

Enjoy, much love to you,

Namaste Esnadi