SELFHEALING EMPOWERMENT ~ nr 2 ~ UNITE with your inner feminine and masculine 💃〰️❤〰️🕺


Part 2 of the Selfhealing empowerment:

I recommend watching part 1 first, “BELIEVE” of the series:


When we heal ourselves, we are able to work from our male action, determination, and willingness.

Now the energy’s are changing and we are powerful creators of love and light, and we are now invited to combine this masculine energy together with our powerful loving female energy.

For the union within, creates magical healing on every level.

And so we create; POWERFUL IN A LOVING WAY energy. And creating from our hearts, is the new way to do this. The old way of manifesting something only with our actions…will not work anymore.

Involve your heart, your female.

We all have male and female energy in our body.

In this video I explain more how this works.

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Much love to you, Esnadi ❤


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