Whatever we go through, at the core it is about selflove

Whatever we go through, at the core it is about selflove

Whatever we go through, at the core it is about selflove, feeling and allowing your hearts dreams. Your soul is leading the way to flow in life and to follow your inner guidance. The spirit in YOU.
To really give the heart’s call attention, it is the key to life. For it wants to guide you to this new earth way of living. And indeed you cannot fathom this with your mind! It is about surrender to the FEELINGS inside and again learning to trust and honour your hearts calling.
And many lifetimes we have been distracted from our heart, and just our mind of fears was leading!! And so it takes some practice to have your heart leading you the way.
And many old pains will surface, wanting to be heard and felt as a small inner child that wants attention… So you can allow that old pain energy to become one with you, embrace it to be healed. Heal your heart. And choose love again and again, for in freedom we can follow our heart again!!
And yess we have many distractions and fears being played out worldwide, and in our environment. This is also happening inside of you. You are the change. Be brave and let your heart guide you. Nomatter what others tell you, YOU just know in your heart when energy resonates.
When you allow and heal your heart, you will feel the new earth freedom living. And you will find peace in you. All the old ways of living are dying. All that is not of the highest call, will disappear in your life. Just the lessons and love remaining. And focus on the new born you, that emerges from the heart and soul. This is the new earth, the universe and gaia in you, tuning you with the new earth vibrations again. In a way you died from the old life and are reborn to the new.
You will find yourself automatically resonating with the likeminded, that also feel the new earth. You are to COcreate the new earth together.
As my heart is honouring my desires and wishes. I allow and feeeel it to bloom even more.
Lets make this world paradise again, it starts in YOU.
Much love to you, Esnadi ❤💎🦋🌀💞
Friday the 13th ~ Day of the Goddess

Friday the 13th ~ Day of the Goddess

To all my beautiful female friends and sister’s.
Celebration of the divine feminine.
May many more on earth awaken all to this beautiful energy. To live the life of pure love, honesty, truth, pure intuition to bring out our feminine powers. And with powers I mean, the energy that comes from your heart, not the egomind!
The new way, is powerful in a loving way, from the heart💞🌟, connected with soul source energy.
Calling all sisters to be inspired to let go of the old way of manipulations, lies, feeling unworthy, or any other way that we used to work to be seen or heard…..now we know better, we work from our heart. Were we feel if something is honest or truthful….
We are here to be the change!
Happy Goddess day to all.
Namasté Esnadi 💃💞🌟
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A message of hope and lightlanguage.

We are asked to stay centered in our hearts. 💗

It is important to whatever happens to you now, to realise you are growing into a more heartcentered person. That you are shedding more and more old believes and mind habbits of all lifetimes. So you can time and time again return to your centre: the HEART💗. ENJOY THE VIDEO, where I share about how your tears 💧become diamonds💎.

A message of hope.
Much love to you, Esnadi 💗〰️💗

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Nr 3 of the professional DOCUMENTARY series from Esnadi at Restore your life; MADE IN INDIA
A clear MINDFULNESS video where your reflections of the emotions: JUDGEMENT, ANGER and LOVE are expressed.
And how the other is your mirror in this process of dealing with your and their emotions.
With much thanks to the beautiful volunteer players, that wanted to help me to bring this on video for humanity. Filmed in Vrindavan and made in India.
Thank you: Emely Emrich and Finn, Angus Bruce, & Lauren Martin, Kanai Das and Cecile Saget for your great acting and cooperation’s. It was very much fun to work with you all, I am thanking you from my heart.
Thank you Rishi Pathak and the whole team of PBM film productions for helping me to make this documentary movie and the great teamwork.https://www.facebook.com/pbmpicture/

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This video is part of the documentary series from Esnadi at Restore Your Life


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MESSAGE about our dreamstate and healing 🙏🌀

MESSAGE about our dreamstate and healing, from my higher self aspect of the arcturians.
Enjoy the received message, and remember we are amazing beings of light. Take enough rest and sleep, to upload the new frequencies that are poured upon us.

How amazing it is to be attuned with spirit, to feel the connection of the soul with all that is, as ONE. Sending you much sparkles of light from my energyfield and heart to yours, from my artcurian higher self to share with you all.

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Namaste, Esnadi