Let your crystals assist you to Restore Your Life

Let your crystals assist you to Restore Your Life

Let your crystals assist you to Restore Your Life.
Crystalsmagic, and the parrots and birds singing with me in the petshop. Such beautiful animals, we love singing together.
Enjoy the crystal toyshop, I really had a magical afternoon there. Connecting with the crystals and energy. Fairlyland feeling. Meeting beautiful awake brothers and sisters. Such amazing times.
And …..remember.
Let your crystals assist you to Restore Your Life.
Carry one in your pocket, place some/many💎💥 in your house. Wear them, feeeel them, love them. Place them in your garden. Give them to a friend. Lay them near your children. All pieces of our magical mother earth, telling a story.
Enjoy the video production.
Made with love,
Much love Esnadi ❤💎💥💫💃🌹
I would be honoured to receive donations to assist in my video productions

I would be honoured to receive donations to assist in my video productions

Sharing my souls wishes and dreams to spread more natural medicine information, assisting our empowered immunesystem booster!
If you would love to be my sponsor in the making of these video series, so I can create more of these video’s for humanity, I would be honoured to receive the donations from your heart. And I dream about getting the assistance I am looking for as in Editors and the buying of a great technical support computer for editing the movies.
I have a paypal account for the donations. I honour your sharing.
Namaste and much love to you, Esnadi

The best drink

Our body exist of much water, and wants to be the purest version. Remember to drink pure filtered waters, to Restore Your Life. I AM made this video about our drinking waters and to use essential oils in it.

In the ancient old wisdom of ayurveda it has been mentioned to use the pure extracts of the plant medicine. On our body and in our body. They assist with purifying your cells and BEing, support our body, mind and soul in this awakening process. We are made of water and love and light. 💎💙💠🌐💧🌀💦 Esnadi💙🐋 For more personal info about oils and consultations for your being, you may send me an email at ayurveda@restoreyourlife.nl or info on my website for all other services. www.restoreyourlife. nl

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Made with love for you, Esnadi
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May food be your medicine!

May food be your medicine!

25th of july; May food be your medicine! We are enjoying a heatwave in the Netherlands. Just be in the flow, meditate, relax and eat lots of yummy fruits and drink pure waters.
Enjoy this special “day out of time”, for the mayan calender stopped yesterday, and tomorrow the new Mayan year starts again.
So extra chilling and go with your flow is needed, the weathers helps with it 😊.
Take care of YOU.
Much love, Esnadi 🍇🍉🍒🍎🍍🍋🍊

SELFHEALING EMPOWERMENT ~ nr 2 ~ UNITE with your inner feminine and masculine 💃〰️❤〰️🕺


Part 2 of the Selfhealing empowerment:

I recommend watching part 1 first, “BELIEVE” of the series:



When we heal ourselves, we are able to work from our male action, determination, and willingness.

Now the energy’s are changing and we are powerful creators of love and light, and we are now invited to combine this masculine energy together with our powerful loving female energy.

For the union within, creates magical healing on every level.

And so we create; POWERFUL IN A LOVING WAY energy. And creating from our hearts, is the new way to do this. The old way of manifesting something only with our actions…will not work anymore.

Involve your heart, your female.

We all have male and female energy in our body.

In this video I explain more how this works.

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Much love to you, Esnadi ❤


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