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Warm welcome to my new: EGYPT AROMATHERAPY OILS  website page and Facebook page.


When I travelled to Egypt, I was called to study the magical oils, and start sharing my wisdom about it. This is my new page on my website and facebook about these oils.

Many people have beautiful experiences and remembrance that come up in their feelings and memories from their lifetimes in Egypt.

The natural healing properties of these oils is deeply embedded in the plants that carry the codes of their assistance for humanity. Nature providing us with aromatherapy, that can assist many with their healing processes.


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On this page I will share about the 7 chakra special oils that originate from Egypt:

1 Red amber • base chakra
2 Musk • sacral chakra
3 Jasmine • solar plexus chakra
4 Rose • heart chakra
5 Amber Kashmir • throat chakra
6 Sandlewood • 3rd eye chakra
7 Lotus • crown chakra

And the beautiful oils like:

• Blue Lotus • for the upper crown
• Frankincense • cell renewal body

 I AM an experienced specialist in the 7 chakra oils of Egypt and the blue lotus and Frankincense. The assistance of the magical oils will have great benefit for many. That inspired me to share this with you.

More info later, will keep you updated
About uses, history and experiences.

Much love to you,


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Aromatherapy, therapeutic breathing in of magical natural oils, can be done:

  • In a water steam diffuser,
  • On your body
  • Bathing your body or
  • Hugging someone with oils bliss,


Much oil love from nature,


Testimonials Egypt Aromatherapy Oils

Malvina Vertelkaité

“I am deeply in love with these Egypt aromatherapy oils. My subconscious mind recognized these scents from the first smell and I was sure they would help me to make a deeper connection with myself. By using these incredible oils, I feel peace, harmony,  they boost my mood, energy and give inspiration to create something new. And these scents are truly amazing, plus these oils are very easy to use on a daily basis. I am sure you will fall in love with them as well. I absolutely recommend.”


“I bought the 7 chakra oils and I am very enthusiastic about them. The oils are great for me it feels very relaxed. Also the scent experience is nice it calms my system causes me to stay closer to myself and connect with my body”

Rick Jewers

“I like to take the opportunity to say that Esnadi is an Ascension Coach in the least, with many courses and knowledge gathered over the years to assist Ones in Their Ascension and Journey. I further wish to add that Esnadi also sells here in the Netherlands, as well as Europe, the pure natural Chakra oils that I recommended from Sayed Adli Bdaway a year or so ago. These oils were accredited by Femke and I for their purity and authentication, and Yes, the Chakra oils are powerful and DO assist with the Chakras. She also carries the Blue Lotus and Frankincense oils which assist with the Twin Flame experience and the Ascension as well. Esnadi has a website or two and You can check it out on Her Facebook page.”
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