Healing Experience

Welcome and thank you for being interested in learning about healing and how to REUNITE WITH YOUR TRUE SELF

I am a quantum healer, cosmic medium, ayurvedic practitioner, ayurvedic nutrition therapist and cook and an experience expert in breast cancer. I am clairvoyant and work with the divine rays of the universe, nature, reiki, tarot/card readings, twin soul path, music vibes, crystals and sacred essential oils.

I have lived in five different continents around the world and have experience with many beautiful cultures. I am a producer/writer of documentary series about body, mind, soul and Ayurveda and I channel sound and light language from the universe, which I deliver to you in video form or in personal activations. 


I love sharing MY HEALING EXPERIENCES with you.

I made many video’s on ayurveda, spiritual teachings and wisdom for free, so everyone can injoy this wisdom.

I am this way giving my experience, wisdom and teachings, for all to learn from. If you have any personal questions or would love to have some personal attention, please let me know by email: ayurveda@restoreyourlife.nl. Or fill in the contact form to reach me.

I would love to receive this way donations from you, for many different services I provide for humanity. And for being able to keep providing you with all free video’s and wisdom sharings.


“Before meeting Esnadi, I was struggling in life, trying to figure it out who I am, what my purpose in this life is, and what steps I need to take to live the life of my dreams. It is a gift to me that I had the opportunity to meet this strong, unique and extraordinary healer. Her vast life experience, wisdom, and knowledge helped me  to find a balance of mind, body, and soul. I never thought it could change my quality of life that way. I finally feel at peace with myself and have the courage and energy to create the best version of myself. If my words touch you and you also want to feel love, peace and harmony in your life, Esnadi is what you need”.

By Malvina Vertelkaité



“Her work is just very healing. Esnadi has been very helpful in guiding me through this process.
I asked for healing on a social platform. Esnadi read the post and intuitively started working. I had negative implants placed and did not know how to release them.
Esnadi, without me knowing she was working on me, did a lot of healing and noticed a great improvement! 
Esnadi is connected to subtle dimensions that enable her to bring forward the self-healing of people.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your work and for all that you do!”


By Sandra, aka Akura



“I like to take the opportunity to say that Esnadi is an Ascension Coach in the least, with many courses and knowledge gathered over the years to assist Ones in Their Ascension and Journey. I further wish to add that Esnadi also sells here in the Netherlands, as well as Europe, the pure natural Chakra oils that I recommended from Sayed Adli Bdaway a year or so ago. These oils were accredited by Femke and I for their purity and authentication, and Yes, the Chakra oils are powerful and DO assist with the Chakras. She also carries the Blue Lotus and Frankincense oils which assist with the Twin Flame experience and the Ascension as well. Esnadi has a website or two and You can check it out on Her Facebook page.”


By Rick Jewers



“ 2 years ago I came across Esnadi and my life changed completely! I had kept my life as closed as possible from others and Esnadi taught me to communicate and express myself in many different ways, to myself and to others. From the experiential world I lived in, I went back to see and especially FEEL how I could move in life. Step by step, it became clearer to live in the NOW, to observe myself and also how I dealt with others. She woke up the inner child in me again, and he got all the space to play again.

Because of the loving patient mentorship that Esnadi gave me these years, I have really experienced a grand metamorphosis. All advice with physical, nutrition and lifestyle, as well as mental, emotional and spiritual. Everything is connected to each other and that’s how I got in contact with all these elements again through Esnadi. She continually brought me back into the NOW, in the experience, because I was not consciously present as a human being, I had closed my feelings. The weekly supervision, helped me step by step, to open up old pains and I allowed them to be healed. I did not walk away from it anymore and worked with it, and so Esnadi guided me completely in these processes. By healing again and again, the connection with my higher self opened up. As a result, I thawed and learned to connect again from my heart and not my pain or fear.

Esnadi feels very well how she can reconnect people with their source of wisdom, intuition and origin, raise their own divinity back into themselves and remember. She touched me deeply in my being, so that gates could open. With the primeval wisdom of Esnadi, the wise magical woman, medicine woman, healer and see-er, I could learn to open my heart again to myself, and thus to others.
Also by means of music frequencies, fun, laughter, being between people, going into nature, mindfulness, she let me feel what it is like to live again from my Divinity. This way my loving pure sensual primal strength could open again, the divine masculin in me!

Because of this waking-up period, which I continued with Esnadi’s supportive guidance on my 71-73 years of age, I am completely connected to my life form on earth. So that I can enjoy the beautiful earth again, enjoy life, sing through life and enjoy the contact of the lovely people around me.
The balance in my life is back again, enjoying with a smile on my face I go singing through the day. To pass on my opened source of wisdom to others again.
I can feel my multidimensional connection, the cosmic energy now! ”

See the dutch version of his letter here on my blog

by Ad van Alphen