I am so honoured to go to magical Scotland in a few days, for a group gathering and mission.
My heart is flowing and longing for this great moment in ‘time’.
We will travel to many sacred places and beautiful islands. I will be offline much, and inside, present and enjoying every bit.
Taking a break from packing boxes and organising my move. This calling is of the highest purest divine, and so it will be done.

This group will be lead by amazing sisters Grace Solaris and Stellar Fairbairn
Texts from grace about the amazing trip:
“We come for a most awaited gathering, known as the Great Gathering in the Ethers, where we will come together in the monadic field as incarnates and embodiments of the 144 and as groundcrew representatives of the Office of the Christ.
And for the ceremony at the Calanish Stone Circle. It is going to be beyond the beyond and create an impact far greater that we may even dare to imagine right now… an ascension wave of massive proportion ushering in the cosmic christ and living magdala rose templates, key and codes for the new earth.”

In service for the highest good of all,
Much love to you Esnadi