My friend Ad van Alphen is helping me these days to prepare all for the big 55 Netherlands party tonight.
My birthday was at 6th of july and celebrated it at the magical Callanish stones with a special mission group in Scotland!! We are having much fun organising as a Restore your life team. This is also what I love to do in my new to rise centre in the south, to organise events and gatherings of many people, so we can enjoy life and meet many brothers and sisters. Have spiritual gatherings, exchange wisdom, or as the native Indians call it:
That is why I am called to go and move to the south, and to go and live in the forest.
I am taking the steps to get to my dream.
My heart is showing me the way!
If you feel guided to come and join me for this big centre and love to help out, let me know!
Its a co-creation! And I thank Jim Burton for showing up in Scotland and letting me know he is in!! Grateful for all help.
And yes it is for me very adventurous, for in 3/4d world, all goes slower. But faith leads the way!
Whooohooo, and a good sence of humor😂
Love ya! Esnadi