HAPPY to announce that I AM NOT GOING TO INDIA, BUT “INDIA” IS COMING TO THE NETHERLANDS! Very grateful that my special co-creator Rishi Pathak and I are going to continue the honourable work of the making of new series this springtime!
Many new INFORMATIVE VIDEO PRODUCTIONS, for body, mind, soul and ayurveda are in the making! Restore Your Life will work again with much enthousiasm and lots of LOVE for many subjects. We will make shoots at most beautiful locations, and will take you around to my special places in the Netherlands.
One very exiting subject is……. more cooking lessons, that will be filmed from my own HOME!🌿🍃💃📽

We will show you more about ayurveda in the Netherlands, at the beautiful Ayurveda Centrum Roermond, from amazing Winant Spijkerman. The place in the south, where I am now giving consultations. Many more exiting ayurveda/yoga/meditation/cooking classes and special workshops coming up, so keep an eye on those events.

Many thanks for all the special people to work with, together we can bring this contribution to the world.
Looking forward to the making of new short movies!! So exiting!📽👀🙏🍃🌿
Great to show you Rishi around and welcome you to this amazing country, we will start with Amsterdam😁, and to welcome you at my HOME 💃🙏🌀