As I AM sitting in the presence of my guides and higher self, I bring forth a message of Arch Angel RAPHAEL through the channel of Esnadi :

Beloved children,
We are here to help you in these great times of change.
To remind you that we are here around you.
To help you, to guide you, to let go of all your worries and to let us take care of it.
For this great time of change, a lot of purging is happening, and your inner work is to be done, for the collective that is doing this deep cleansing work.
I am here now with this message, to remind you that you are able to release your worries and to give them to the angels. You may connect with us, and we are willing to help you with this. To surrender to the daily challenges you go through. To help you to release and heal
Your life in this moment of the now.
We leave you with much love and light and healing, as I am speaking now through the channel of Esnadi, 🙏