This song was in my self playing for a while now. Yesterday I picked up the guitar, was curious and started to sing and play the song. My heart was singing and sharing the message of HOPE.   The amazing song of Bob Marley, that already was giving us the message to BE ONE LOVE and TO GET TOGETHER. To team up and unite all over the world with our hearts and soul. To create together the heaven on new earth. To step out of old systems in you, that are invited to be transformed, into the new truth of our hearts and inner knowing. To follow our inner heart and guidance, to unite with soulfamily and divine partnerships to send forth the NEW energy on Gaia. To BE the wayshowers of this special rebirth time. It is time for change.  In the video I also share a lightlanguage message from Gaia.  Enjoy the love vibrations. Namaste, Esnadi ❤🌏🌟 Full credits of song: Bob Marley Cover and video by Esnadi at Restore your life  For blogs and vlogs, bookings and support, my website: See for more info and private consultations or personal soundhealing session my website: My youtube channel: I love making video’s and share this with you.… Please share wide and far, by placing the whole content together💖