Our body exist of much water, and wants to be the purest version. Remember to drink pure filtered waters, to Restore Your Life. I AM made this video about our drinking waters and to use essential oils in it.

In the ancient old wisdom of ayurveda it has been mentioned to use the pure extracts of the plant medicine. On our body and in our body. They assist with purifying your cells and BEing, support our body, mind and soul in this awakening process. We are made of water and love and light. 💎💙💠🌐💧🌀💦 Esnadi💙🐋 For more personal info about oils and consultations for your being, you may send me an email at ayurveda@restoreyourlife.nl or info on my website for all other services. www.restoreyourlife. nl

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Made with love for you, Esnadi
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