Video Productions

Namasté to all,

I have a dream; to stimulate many people to gain back their health and enjoy a balanced life. I want to inspire you with simple ways and steps to achieve more enjoyment for body, mind and soul, by making it visual in video form. I also channel messages from the spirit world, and have special ancient sound healing video’s.

In some video’s it is about the teachings of Ayurveda and sharing my life’s experience after breast cancer. Ayurveda has helped me very much after I had many allopathic treatments in 2002, after all of which I would be very sick.

I started studying Ayurveda in 2009 and practicing and using all knowledge on myself first, to find out what it would do to my body and my mind and eventually also to my soul. It fascinated me what this ancient knowledge was talking about, how to Restore my Life again. To again and again change my habits of food and renewing my lifestyle. To find peace of mind in yoga and meditation, and what enormous effects all of this had in my daily life.

I changed to ayurvedic cooking and lifestyle and felt a great change in me. The food was truly giving me energy and healing. And it was also very yummy to eat. I was improving so much and regained more and more energy and happiness. I also lost 26 kg in one year, that was extra due to the side effects of all cancer treatments.

I was becoming more and more myself. After that I started to detox my body even more actively with all that I learned and with ayurvedic massages. I also went on yearly deep soul diving retreats. I had undergone such a big happy change with it, and even now it is still rejuvenating for me, that from my heart I love to share this with you all.

I enjoy the making of documentary video series on body, mind, soul and Ayurveda. And it is a great honor for me to make it visual as a producer of these video’s.

I wish everyone to move into their highest capability of health and inner wisdom. These video’s are made with love and healing intentions for all to be reached,

A lot of time, love and energy have been put into creating these free video’s. Donations are warmly welcomed if the free video and teaching content is of value to you.

Sending much love to you from Esnadi



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