Whatever we go through, at the core it is about selflove, feeling and allowing your hearts dreams. Your soul is leading the way to flow in life and to follow your inner guidance. The spirit in YOU.
To really give the heart’s call attention, it is the key to life. For it wants to guide you to this new earth way of living. And indeed you cannot fathom this with your mind! It is about surrender to the FEELINGS inside and again learning to trust and honour your hearts calling.
And many lifetimes we have been distracted from our heart, and just our mind of fears was leading!! And so it takes some practice to have your heart leading you the way.
And many old pains will surface, wanting to be heard and felt as a small inner child that wants attention… So you can allow that old pain energy to become one with you, embrace it to be healed. Heal your heart. And choose love again and again, for in freedom we can follow our heart again!!
And yess we have many distractions and fears being played out worldwide, and in our environment. This is also happening inside of you. You are the change. Be brave and let your heart guide you. Nomatter what others tell you, YOU just know in your heart when energy resonates.
When you allow and heal your heart, you will feel the new earth freedom living. And you will find peace in you. All the old ways of living are dying. All that is not of the highest call, will disappear in your life. Just the lessons and love remaining. And focus on the new born you, that emerges from the heart and soul. This is the new earth, the universe and gaia in you, tuning you with the new earth vibrations again. In a way you died from the old life and are reborn to the new.
You will find yourself automatically resonating with the likeminded, that also feel the new earth. You are to COcreate the new earth together.
As my heart is honouring my desires and wishes. I allow and feeeel it to bloom even more.
Lets make this world paradise again, it starts in YOU.
Much love to you, Esnadi ❤💎🦋🌀💞