What’s for breakfast? I love making yummy energy drinks. Today I used fresh mini kaleplants, fresh plants of peas, cocosyoghurt, blueberries, blueberry juice, bananas, radish, sprouts of broccoli, cucumber, etheric oils: grapefruit, melaleuca, zendrocrine, oregano with pure water, catsclaw powder, moringa powder, and soooo much LOVE and passion.
The more we use life food, we will activate our body, mind and soul te BE ALIVE. It assists with our transformational proces of our bodies!
And you can answer the question: HOW BODY NOW? OHHHH SO GOOOOD NOW!
Your body will feeeeeel so good and have the energy to do what you came to do and to enjoy yourself! What is it you love to eat/drink?
Give yourself the best!
Namaste, Esnadi 🌺🌿🍀❤💫