Are you being yourself? Do you know that to follow your hearts dreams, is one of the most important guides to what you come and do here on earth! If you ignore it, it will always come back in your mind/heart and be reminded in many ways that the universe will show you. Really it is guiding you to LISTEN to what your hearts desires are. Even if it is so strange for your environment, go for it! Its your life and purpose, to step out of the old limited believe system. And be guided to your destigny, your talents. It is as coming out of the closet and whatever “others” say or your own judgements, fears and old programming and ego is telling you. Stepping out of your comfortzone is such a FREEDOM. I wish that for everyone.
For me it was also this process of showing the world who I Am, and even spreading it online everywhere to see. To speak lightlanguage and channel these sound vibrations of the universe. This way by coming out with my talents, I attracted the souls that vibrate on the same level. So we can do the souls blueprint, our souls plan to rise the vibration on earth. I really recommend BEING YOURSELF. We all are unique beings.
Much love to you, Esnadi 🙏

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Picture: at Lewis Island Scotland 2019