SINGING THIS POWERFUL MANTRA FOR YOU ALL, enjoy the powerful energy, I invite you to sing along 🎶💃🕺🌲
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Prana Apana Mantra lyrics;
प्राणा अपाना शुष्मणा हरी
Prana Apana Sushumna. Hari.
हरी हर हरी हर हरी हर हरी
Hari Har Hari Har Hari Har Hari

Prana is the Life Force, The life energy. Apana is the Eliminating force or removing force or energy.

Sushumna is the channel through which these energy move around our body. Hari and Har are the names of the that divine source of infinite energy,

healing source, some also say that word Hari comes from Hara, which means the remover, remover of pain and negativity.

This mantra is very powerful healing device. Both for physical as well as emotional healing.

When using this mantra for healing, concentrate on your breathing, and as you inhale visualize that a life force,life energy or prana is energy into your system, . With Apana, visualize that all the pain and negativity and energy blockages inside your body are being removed And Sushumna, is the channel, Its through which the energy is circulating in your body. Visualize that air and energy is circulating within you entire body, each and every cell of your being is lit up by the life force. And as we come to word Hari, Smile and take in all the wonderful things universe has to offer. That Hari has to offer.

We deeply believe that our mind has power to heal any pain, any emotional wound and real healing occurs from within. And this mantra is a powerful tool to reach within yourself and help you with healing.


Powerful healing Mantra both for physical as well as emotional healing. Bring prosperity, health, peace, harmony and produces positive energy.

Listen to it, Understand, Chant, and Meditate along with it. We hope that this track will help you.
Prana is the Sanskrit word for „life force” or vital principle. In Hindu ideology including yoga, martial arts, and Indian medicine, the term indicates collectively to all cosmic energy, permeating the Universe on all levels.

Prana is the universal principle of energy or force. Prana represents the sum of all energy that is manifest in the universe, all the forces in nature and powers which are hidden in humans and which lie everywhere around us.

Prana includes energies present in inanimate objects. In the literature, prana is occasionally described as originating from the Sun and connecting the elements of the Universe.

This life energy has been frequently described and invoked in the ancient Upanishads and Vedas.

Furthermore, prana is the link between the physical and astral body. When the slender thread-link of prana is cut, the astral body separates from the physical body. Death takes place. The prana that was working in the physical body is withdrawn into the astral body.

Prana is generally divided into multiple constituent parts, in particular when concerned with the human body. While not all early writings agree on the names or number of these subdivisions, the most frequent list from the Upanishads, the Mahabharata, Ayurvedic and Yogic sources includes 5, often divided into further subcategories.

This list includes:

Vyana (circulation of energy);

Prana (inward moving energy);

Apana (outward moving energy);

Udana (energy of the head and throat);

Amana (digestion and assimilation).

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