Yes indeed, life is challenging!

Yes indeed, life is challenging! We are going through some BIG changes, globally and individually. Just remember that every challenge, will bring you further into your wondering ….WHAT AM I DOING HERE? WHO AM I ? WHERE is this pain coming from…. This searching is the path to go, you don’t have to BE someone…for you are already.
ALL you were looking for. INSIDE of you are the answers, have a look inside with your heart wide open. Self LOVE is the 🗝 .

I AM here to help and support you on your journey, to guide you forward and open up to the possibilities.

Private online mentorship sessions, is one of the services I offer.
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Namaste and much LOVE to you from Esnadi🙏💃🌈


the POWER OF AYURVEDA 🌀 🌿- nr 6 documentary series from Esnadi


In this documentary video, I want to share with you the importance and 🌿POWER OF AYURVEDA 🌿! How I got my life back with ayurveda, and healed completely after enduring all the allopahic/chemical treatments for breast cancer!! Spreading my experience and impact of Ayurveda into the world 🌀 🌿.

Interviews with Dr Anil Mehta about ayurveda in the Netherlands. Sharing of experiences with some colleges and their own ayurveda experiences and knowledge. Thank you Toren Ayurveda, Odette Miyu-van Kempen, Corline Baltus-Vedder for your contribution of spreading the knowledge and experiences of ayurveda! See their websites at bottom of this message.

NR 6 of the DOCUMENTARY series from ESNADI at RESTORE YOUR LIFE; this video is called: The POWER OF AYURVEDA.

This production was made and filmed mostly in India with a professional team in Rishikesh India.

With great thanks to Rishi Pathak and the whole team of PBM film productions for helping me to make this documentary movie, great teamwork! It was a lot of fun to make this all happen.

More info about the documentary series on my website, and donations are very welcome, so I can continue this work and bring it for free for humanity on YouTube:

Many more documentaries will follow, with many different subjects and teachings for body, mind and soul.

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CHECK OUT the Yoga Retreat Holiday video, the retreat coming again in 2019.

Much love to you, Esnadi

Ayurvedic practitioner, healer, teacher, documentary producer, special holiday retreats for healing.

With special thanks to:

Dr Anil Mehta for the interview in the Netherlands and the filming on PDI garden and location in Rishikesh.

and my special colleges;

Toren Ayurveda –

Odette van Kempen-Miyu –

Corline Baltus-Vedder –


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Word of grand welcome to my page RESTORE YOUR LIFE

Word of grand welcome to my page RESTORE YOUR LIFE

Namasté to all,

a grand welcome to my page RESTORE YOUR LIFE, spiritual teachings and ayurveda.

On this page, I share with you my experiences and services as a spiritual teacher and ayurvedic practitioner. As I myself had the experience of breast cancer in 2002, I used ayurveda to heal myself after all allopathic treatments. How ayurveda helped me to get my health back in body, mind and soul. It inspired me to be curious and find out what is all available. To reunite with my true self again.

With all these experiences, I coach many that want to be assisted in this inner path of awakening to your true potentials. Next to my practice in the Netherlands, I do Skype consultations, for your body, mindfulness and can help you with your inner work at a deepsouldiving level.

At this moment I am preparing the most exquisive and awesome YOGA RETREAT HOLIDAY, IN RISHIKESH. FROM 8-22 OCTOBER 2018. Amazing opportunity for you to join me and Nimisha, a lifechanging event it will be for you. Only a few places available. See the link;

Currently I am in the making of a documentary series on spiritual subjects and ayurveda, and travelled for many months in India for the making and realization of this. I AM asking you to help me to sponsor these investments. To bring this project online for humanity. So everyone can enjoy these video’s for free online, that is my wish, that everyone around the globe, who has internet, can enjoy this wisdom. Your sponsoring this cause is a hearts matter.


I am currently in the process of working on this website, as it is still under construction in many ways, but It is open now for the items that are ready to be shared.

Webshop in beautiful crystals is in the making!

Please enjoy the free life video’s at my Youtube channel:

The free recipe on kitcheri, a great ayurvedic dish. You can find more links on my website Blog for many different topics.

My practice is in the Netherlands, where I am to serve and coach people with their challenges in life. An appointment or booking of a session can be done via email;


My Netherlands phone number 0031-624105491

During my travels you can reach me via email or my facebookpage; Esnadi at restoreyourlife

Let me know if I can be of any service to you. You can find the information for a consultation booking here:

Wishing you all good health and happiness, blessings and much love from Esnadi


Restore Your Life creating the web shop of crystals

Restore Your Life creating the web shop of crystals

Restore Your Life is working on getting the web shop of crystals online. To bring you the most powerful healing tools, to aid you in your healing process. This is just as an example of what to look forward to, a beautiful cluster of apofylite.
In a few weeks this will be online fully. With beautiful clusters, amazing wands, sticks and elegant juwelry. Looking forward to bring this to you, magic from mother earth 💖🕉☯️.
Much love to you from Esnadi & Laurien