I would be honoured to receive donations to assist in my video productions

I would be honoured to receive donations to assist in my video productions

Sharing my souls wishes and dreams to spread more natural medicine information, assisting our empowered immunesystem booster!
If you would love to be my sponsor in the making of these video series, so I can create more of these video’s for humanity, I would be honoured to receive the donations from your heart. And I dream about getting the assistance I am looking for as in Editors and the buying of a great technical support computer for editing the movies.
I have a paypal account for the donations. I honour your sharing.
Namaste and much love to you, Esnadi

Esnadi visits an ayurvedic pharmacy in Delhi

Sooo exited to share with you my video of ayurvedic adventures in India.
Learn more about a typical ayurvedic shop from Delhi, all natural pharmacy!

Esnadi visits an ayurvedic pharmacy in Delhi:
I AM delighted to bring you the insight of a very special ayurvedic pharmacy in Delhi.
It is a family run place, for many generations. I was amazed with all the beautiful and colorful natural plants, found in original dried state here. Organized and easy to prepare the medicine for all clients that come in.
With my 7 years of studying ayurveda from the books, it was a delight to be in an actual ayurvedic pharmacy. The knowledge of the family is being shared, and many people come and see these ayurvedic ways of healing themselves. They use many ayurvedic treatments to heal the body.

In this video I share with you the making of the recipe of my lymph oedema medicine, the plants they use for my right arm to be helping the flow of lymph fluids in a natural way. For all my lymph nodes have been removed, due to breast cancer.

These are the medicine used for oedema challenges:
Purnarnava: I am working on writing an article and will put the link here to my website soon.
Makoh: I am working on writing an article and will put the link here to my website soon.

Much love to you, happy healing, Namaste Esnadi

This movie is a part of my professional documentary series of Restore Your Life, made in India, about body, mind, soul and ayurveda, with filmmaker Rishi Pathak.

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Sharing with you my plans and mission

Sharing with you my plans and mission. This video was made in India, in 2018 to inspire you about the documentary series I am making.  Many more are on its way, and with your sponsoring, it can be done. If you would like to be my sponsor, please follow the link https://www.paypal.me/RestoreYourLife.

Sharing wisdom for body, mind, soul and ayurveda. Esnadi sending you a life message from India in 2018, where I AM in the making of a documentary series on Ayurveda. From the beautiful town of Varanasi, I AM asking you to kindly sponsor my work for humanity. My hearts wish is to make this available for all around the world and your help is needed for me to achieve this and to bring you the knowledge of Ayurveda. Many subjects are to be covered and to be taught for everyone. By making it in video format, it is a way of teaching and reaching out to the world to step into this profound and ancient wisdom to help heal yourself and others, for your body, mind and soul. When this message resonates with you, you can find more information at my website about this documentary. See all links below.

Namaste, I am very grateful to receive donations,

much love to you from Esnadi

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NEW- INFORMATIVE VIDEO PRODUCTIONS, for body, mind, soul and ayurveda are in the making!

NEW- INFORMATIVE VIDEO PRODUCTIONS, for body, mind, soul and ayurveda are in the making!

HAPPY to announce that I AM NOT GOING TO INDIA, BUT “INDIA” IS COMING TO THE NETHERLANDS! Very grateful that my special co-creator Rishi Pathak and I are going to continue the honourable work of the making of new series this springtime!
Many new INFORMATIVE VIDEO PRODUCTIONS, for body, mind, soul and ayurveda are in the making! Restore Your Life will work again with much enthousiasm and lots of LOVE for many subjects. We will make shoots at most beautiful locations, and will take you around to my special places in the Netherlands.
One very exiting subject is……. more cooking lessons, that will be filmed from my own HOME!🌿🍃💃📽

We will show you more about ayurveda in the Netherlands, at the beautiful Ayurveda Centrum Roermond, from amazing Winant Spijkerman. The place in the south, where I am now giving consultations. Many more exiting ayurveda/yoga/meditation/cooking classes and special workshops coming up, so keep an eye on those events.

Many thanks for all the special people to work with, together we can bring this contribution to the world.
Looking forward to the making of new short movies!! So exiting!📽👀🙏🍃🌿
Great to show you Rishi around and welcome you to this amazing country, we will start with Amsterdam😁, and to welcome you at my HOME 💃🙏🌀

Filming and production of the documentary series in India

Filming and production of the documentary series in India

1 year ago having fun with the filming and production of the documentary series. Being in India to record these video’s, has been a real pleasure. Next year I will return again to make a new series for Restore your life . Preparing for the new and finishing up a few new documentary’s. I am grateful. 🕉🌀☯️💖🌿

October 2017; In the beautiful surroundings of the gardens of PDI in Raiwala of dr Anil Mehta, India we were making some shoots. It’s all for the video’s for Restore your life and the promoting of Ayurveda. Together with filmproducer Rishi Pathak and cameraman Jackie R. Bala we had a day of fun getting this all done. We also had a few colleges interviewed about ayurveda, thank you for sharing your wisdom about it.
Lets spread the word of this ancient wisdom. Namasté Esnadi



Made this video in India for you, with some tips of how to deal with change.
For how is your mindfullness helping you to create the life you want?
Are you listening to your body, to the communication it is giving you.
When I got breast cancer, I did not know at that time that I was having a blessing. For it did change my life completely, I really had to step into it and become aware of how to be in full alignment with my true self. In this video I share much about how to become more attuned with your own path, and how everything around you may teach you. As I found out more and more, I was able to RESTORE MY LIFE. Let me share some tips for you that may help you on this journey for you body, mind and soul.
For coaching and private consults, please contact me through my website; https://www.restoreyourlife.nl/contact/

Welcome to come and join me on my channel on You tube; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-pElA6lcVJE&feature=youtu.be