Sooo exited to share with you my video of ayurvedic adventures in India.
Learn more about a typical ayurvedic shop from Delhi, all natural pharmacy!

Esnadi visits an ayurvedic pharmacy in Delhi:
I AM delighted to bring you the insight of a very special ayurvedic pharmacy in Delhi.
It is a family run place, for many generations. I was amazed with all the beautiful and colorful natural plants, found in original dried state here. Organized and easy to prepare the medicine for all clients that come in.
With my 7 years of studying ayurveda from the books, it was a delight to be in an actual ayurvedic pharmacy. The knowledge of the family is being shared, and many people come and see these ayurvedic ways of healing themselves. They use many ayurvedic treatments to heal the body.

In this video I share with you the making of the recipe of my lymph oedema medicine, the plants they use for my right arm to be helping the flow of lymph fluids in a natural way. For all my lymph nodes have been removed, due to breast cancer.

These are the medicine used for oedema challenges:
Purnarnava: I am working on writing an article and will put the link here to my website soon.
Makoh: I am working on writing an article and will put the link here to my website soon.

Much love to you, happy healing, Namaste Esnadi

This movie is a part of my professional documentary series of Restore Your Life, made in India, about body, mind, soul and ayurveda, with filmmaker Rishi Pathak.

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