Esnadi visits an ayurvedic pharmacy in Delhi

Sooo exited to share with you my video of ayurvedic adventures in India.
Learn more about a typical ayurvedic shop from Delhi, all natural pharmacy!

Esnadi visits an ayurvedic pharmacy in Delhi:
I AM delighted to bring you the insight of a very special ayurvedic pharmacy in Delhi.
It is a family run place, for many generations. I was amazed with all the beautiful and colorful natural plants, found in original dried state here. Organized and easy to prepare the medicine for all clients that come in.
With my 7 years of studying ayurveda from the books, it was a delight to be in an actual ayurvedic pharmacy. The knowledge of the family is being shared, and many people come and see these ayurvedic ways of healing themselves. They use many ayurvedic treatments to heal the body.

In this video I share with you the making of the recipe of my lymph oedema medicine, the plants they use for my right arm to be helping the flow of lymph fluids in a natural way. For all my lymph nodes have been removed, due to breast cancer.

These are the medicine used for oedema challenges:
Purnarnava: I am working on writing an article and will put the link here to my website soon.
Makoh: I am working on writing an article and will put the link here to my website soon.

Much love to you, happy healing, Namaste Esnadi

This movie is a part of my professional documentary series of Restore Your Life, made in India, about body, mind, soul and ayurveda, with filmmaker Rishi Pathak.

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No more chemical substances for me

No more chemical substances for me

No more chemical substances for me. I found all this in my very old boxes and my “medicin” cabinet. Not used for many years….
I had to gather all and post about this. For with amazement I remember being adviced during my cancer, to take one tablet for this and to cover the side effects of that take this one…. OMG do we realise how much we were depending on all this before? And that we have a choice now. 🌈
For long time since 2009 I have Natural medicin cabinets in my kitchen. And taken all allopatic out to use and stored it deeply in a drawer. My body, mind and soul remembers the purity of mama nature providing. Like we have always done before. Remember, remember, remember.
Much love from mother Gaia 🍃🌿🌱🍀🌳

Yes have a good look, this is me, bold and fighting cancer in 2002

Yes have a good look, this is me, bold and fighting cancer in 2002

Yes have a good look, this is me, bold and fighting cancer in 2002. Optimistic and focus on survival. And I did! And I Restored my Life🌈 after all allopatic treatments.
I dont ever want to experience this anymore, for now all wisdom is easily available for all to learn from. To not even create cancer.
I am cleaning up my house and found a pile of bold and wounded pictures, or should I say fried by the radiation pictures….wow I am even impressed how that looked then. And shower it now with the love healing energy, that all was like that, at that moment of the now. I was not awake yet to do it differently.
REMEMBER we all have a choice now to go natural. I love and respect myself and all others that went through cancer treatments, that were painful, sickmaking, unhuman, unneeded andso on. But I am now looking back again and feel blessed of what I wanted to experience and all I learned. And I am grateful,
Blessed be all with great health.
Namaste, Esnadi🌀💃🌹



As I experienced breast cancer in 2002, well spreaded and removal of 5 x 5 cm tumor, and all my armpit lymphe nodes. I did not know then how to do it differently, but to follow chemotherapy, radiation and many years of chemical hormonal treatments.
Oh my God, I was so sick afterwards!! My full confidence today, is to final cancel any calls for checkups. Last one was 5 years ago. But I know that I have learned all my lessons from why it manifested that way. I HEALED MYSELF with the help of ayurveda and many spiritual teachings to maintain a super healthy body, mind and soul.
So I did send this reply to the cancer institution. ” IK BEN SUPER GEZOND” means: I AM SUPERHEALTHY 🙏💃🌀
As you can see, the option of being superhealthy is not there. But we know this is the way to heal in the new way. Go deepsouldiving and figure out what you came to learn! I love you all.
Happy cancerfree body, we have the wisdom now to heal and make wise choises.
Now this experience and knowledge helps me to share with others. I pass it on.
Namaste 🙏🌀Esnadi




Today I started to translate my thesis: HOLISTIC INSIGHT ON BREASTCANCER into an english version. My vision since I was writing it for my final part of ayurvedic practitioner, is to make a book about it and add in some more knowledge. So exited and am ready to start the process. My cat Lucky loves being with me on my side🐈. Every day is animal day🐾.
If you want to be a sponsor or place an advertisement in this upcoming book let me know. If you would like to be a reader before printing and aiding in the proces of publishing, please let me know. NAMASTÉ 🕉

Reunite with your true self-Esnadi tips on video

When I got breast cancer, I did not know at that time that I was having a blessing. For it did change my life completely, I really had to step into it and become aware of how to be in full alignment with my true self. In this video I share much about how to become more attuned with your own path, and how everything around you may teach you. As I found out more and more, I was able to RESTORE MY LIFE. Let me share some tips for you that may help you on this journey for you body, mind and soul.

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NR 7 of the DOCUMENTARY series from ESNADI at RESTORE YOUR LIFE; This production was made with a professional team in Rishikesh India.

With great thanks to Rishi Pathak and the whole team of PBM film productions  for helping me to make this documentary movie and the great teamwork.  It was a lot of fun to make this all happen.

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Made with love for you, Esnadi