Pranafood 🦋💖🌿

How amazing it is to eat fresh, powerful food and to get energised from! That’s what food is supposed to do, feed you, not stuff you with a product.

I suggest you stay as close as possible to original food, like fruits and vegetables, that are not made into a product. The fresher the better, so that means also leaving the pre-made products behind. Like  for instance the veggie sauces/soups you can buy that are not fresh anymore and sold in a jar. You can easily make it fresh and once you learned about the fresh taste and the energy you get from it, you will never buy these ready-made sauces or soups anymore. Even if it is organic. Try it, you will love holistic food.

Soon I will bring my first cooking video online for you, ALL FOR FREE please join me.

I made this professional production with a great team in India, it was so much fun to do in one of my friends kitchen in Mumbai.

You can download the recipe already on my website, and the video will be there soon on youtube;


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