Sound and Universal lightlanguage with Esnadi video

Sound and Universal lightlanguage with Esnadi video

Enjoy the deeper healing send with this channeling.

I went to the forest and this wanted to become a video. Enjoy the deeper healing and codes coming through..
“Sound and Universal lightlanguage with Esnadi video”
All is frequency, and sound may help you to Restore Your Life. These Universal soundcodes and lightlanguage brings great attunement with your aura and frequencyfield. Your own vibration, that you hold in your embodyment.
I am channeling these sounds for you as part of my service work.
Please relax and take a moment to close your eyes and be in receptive meditational mode.
Much love to you, Esnadi 🌀🌹

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FEMALE HEALING vibrations of LOVE💃❤〰️🌈🌀

With this healingsound and lightlanguage video, I am specially channeling today on international womansday, 8th of march, our divine FEMALE energy healing and attunement with our divine masculin energy. Our inner unification of both these divine qualities.This is for both woman and men, for we both are female and masculin.

FEMALE HEALING vibrations of LOVE💃〰️🌈🌀
Sound vibrations and lightlanguage, are our natural ancient ways of healing our frequency. Our body, mind and soul reacts to that on a deeper level. And so when you listen and be receptive, you can activate your DNA and the structure of your frequency, with these higher dimentional vibes.

This will result in healing and restoring your unique frequency.

When you attune to this way of healing, be fully receptive and open to wanting to receive it. You may state to yourself:


Understand that when you give permission to be ready for it, it will work very powerful, even if you are not feeling anything now, your soul and DNA knows.

If this does not resonate with you, that’s ok.

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Please share these special healing FEMALE energies wide and far.

Enjoy, much love to you,

Namaste Esnadi




Relax, surrender to the vibrations of healing 🌀〰️🎵💃

Relax, surrender to the vibrations of healing 🌀〰️🎵💃

Relax, surrender to the vibrations of healing 🌀〰️🎵💃

Just finished my video on soundhealing.
I invite you to listen to these healing sounds and FEEL what it does to you. And not to think what it might do. Be open and receive these vibrations, and I invite you to find out if it resonates with you. Close your eyes and be receptive and FEEL. Channeled and shared through Esnadi at Restore Your Life

All the universe exists of is frequency.
This video brings the sounds of the universe to you. To help you to balance your vibration, and so your cells will react to it, and give deeper healing. As we accept and listen to the language of the light, we become a higher frequency. We can pick up more vibrations. Become balanced.

It is only our mind that has forgotten, and if you are willing to remember. Your soul will recognise it anyway.

Enjoy, much healing and love to you,

Esnadi at Restore Your Life🌀〰️🎵💃

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