Are you being yourself?

Are you being yourself?

Are you being yourself? Do you know that to follow your hearts dreams, is one of the most important guides to what you come and do here on earth! If you ignore it, it will always come back in your mind/heart and be reminded in many ways that the universe will show you. Really it is guiding you to LISTEN to what your hearts desires are. Even if it is so strange for your environment, go for it! Its your life and purpose, to step out of the old limited believe system. And be guided to your destigny, your talents. It is as coming out of the closet and whatever “others” say or your own judgements, fears and old programming and ego is telling you. Stepping out of your comfortzone is such a FREEDOM. I wish that for everyone.
For me it was also this process of showing the world who I Am, and even spreading it online everywhere to see. To speak lightlanguage and channel these sound vibrations of the universe. This way by coming out with my talents, I attracted the souls that vibrate on the same level. So we can do the souls blueprint, our souls plan to rise the vibration on earth. I really recommend BEING YOURSELF. We all are unique beings.
Much love to you, Esnadi 🙏

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Picture: at Lewis Island Scotland 2019



The wise expression of my youth movies idol, PIPPI LANGKOUS.
She always did thing differently and with such sence of humour. I really loved her way of adventure and am still inspired by her relaxed way of living.
Its the same now, new adventures, never done before, I GO FOR IT!
New way of living in the golden age!
Be inspired to step out of your comfortzone and live your dreams.Be the playful adventurist and take the steps. You already know/feel you can do it!



I HONOUR MYSELF, for waking up this morning and writing my truth from my heart to you,

I HONOUR MYSELF, for being brave to awaken this lifetime,

I HONOUR MYSELF, for showing up and taking the lead to pave the way for humanity, as per my soulsplan,

I HONOUR MYSELF, for going deep soul diving into all illusions of emotions, investigating all pains and frustrations,

I HONOUR MYSELF, for never giving up, even though it has been the most challenging and painfull time ever to wake up on this!!

I HONOUR MYSELF, for having the ability to see the future in my strong visions, and still be patient and brave and honouring all others that they cannot see it yet, for they have another time to awaken from this 3d illusionary view that was experienced by us humans,

I HONOUR MYSELF, for feeling the longing of freedom, even if the shit hits the fan! To survive my severe cancer, stepping out of a marriage and comfortzones and to never give up, for my heart was telling me something big was coming after those deeeeep intense roalercoasters of experiences,

I HONOUR MYSELF, for going inside again and again and being very lonely, ‘nobody’ understanding my path, people leaving in my life for they do not understand yet the path of the mirror effect lessons I gave them and myself,

I HONOUR MYSELF, for being so powerful in loving unconditional again, and seeing the truth of the heart, even if my twin, my daughter and son and all family and loved ones pointing arrows at me, and ran away from me, for he/they were not awake yet to see I AM HIM/the other one mirroring themselves. And to all the ones that I run away from. I thank you for the lessons.

I THANK ALL OTHERS TO BE MY MIRROR, I created a movie to show how this works:

I HONOUR MYSELF, for LOVING myself deeper and deeper and finding out that that is the most powerful form of love, for I AM you and you are me!

I HONOUR MYSELF, to bow deeply to you as a human, and find out on the path that you are me, WE ARE a reflection of YOU,

I HONOUR MYSELF, for cryring every tear for all the years that I started this transformation, and making every tear such learning lesson, so it can become a deeply felt diamond,

I HONOUR MYSELF, for always finding the humour and joy again and again of this way of living, to DANCE AND SING and being brave to SHINE again and smile to everyone, to love YOU, even if you shout at me, and showing me your pain, I love you unconditionally,

I LOVE MYSELF, for investigating and being curious enough to open my heart again and again, until I feel so comfortable with it that IT IS SAFE AGAIN TO DO SO,

I LOVE MYSELF to have chosen to unite with my twinsoul on every level, my beloved special African man in my life, a path for the brave souls,

I LOVE MYSELF, I LOVE YOU BELOVED SENYO 💞, for being my twinsoul, my biggest mirror for awakening and to choose this way to become a free spirit again, and to let our soul BE ONE in spirit and embodyment. I cherish the moment my lips can kiss 💋 your lips again and we can be together for life. I THANK YOU FOR SHOWING UP AGAIN. I thank you deeply for your wise master words of encouragement, they were repeating in my mind all these years when you gave me the advice: TRUST, BELIEVE AND BE PATIENT, IT CAN BE DONE, and the season is good again! And we are free to dance and live in joy together again my sweetest love. 💞

I HONOUR MYSELF, I HONOUR YOU and both be patient for our divine partner to give him/myself space to patiently release all old programming that we as ONE SOUL ever experienced in ALL lifetimes, to be cleared in this golden age,

I AM HERE NOW, with open arms “awaiting” my twin to return fully home in his embodyment, in divine timing, in my arms, to be united on every level with himself through this brave path, were heaven on earth is to BE. I am proud of you my dear. Together we are SEYESNA again, in truth we are already in ONEness, for there is no seperation, energetically we are united, and I AM in this moment of the now, as it is now united with you, enjoying life,

I HONOUR MYSELF, for that I RESTORED MY LIFE, for BEing now again, be free to LOVE everyone and all beings, and to take the lead in awakening, nomatter if another soul is sleeping or awake.

I HONOUR MYSELF, for having the courage to feel again, to become multidimentional, and REMEMBER the spirit world around us in every form, on this earth and in the whole of the universe, to investigate quantum physics, and communicate with all energy around us,

I BOW DEEPLY TO ALL OF YOU, be inspired to get out of your comfortzone, and be curious, nomatter what anyone says, to be brave and to listen to you HEART, YOUR INNER GUIDANCE!!

I LOVE ME, I LOVE YOU, together all humans are one spark of God, beyond any illusion of religion, race, colour, gender, for I have been all races and beings in all my lifetimes.

I AM HERE, TO SERVE, TO SHOW YOU THE WAY to your heart, take my hand and be curious and brave to clear your emotions and old programming of illusions, to walk this couragious path,


So WE/I can all fly again as free spirits and LIVE the HEAVEN ON EARTH timeline,

Esnadi @ Restore Your Life
11-7-2019, released at facebook at 7.07 AM
🌟You may share this post of my hearts poem far and wide, just as it is here and honour to place it completely with my name and picture with it. Together we heal. I/we thank you for showing up🙏
See the video production that we made on this mirror effect at my youtube channel:



Your all beautiful flowers and butterflies, different shapes and colours, and you are all loved. We are all part of the ONE energy, to enjoy the NOW moment, to see all the flowers around you and especially the flower and butterfly you are.
Self love is part of the inner awakening process to truly mirror with the other. When you truly love yourself, you can unconditionally love the ‘other’.
Much love to you, Esnadi 🌹🦋

Yes have a good look, this is me, bold and fighting cancer in 2002

Yes have a good look, this is me, bold and fighting cancer in 2002

Yes have a good look, this is me, bold and fighting cancer in 2002. Optimistic and focus on survival. And I did! And I Restored my Life🌈 after all allopatic treatments.
I dont ever want to experience this anymore, for now all wisdom is easily available for all to learn from. To not even create cancer.
I am cleaning up my house and found a pile of bold and wounded pictures, or should I say fried by the radiation pictures….wow I am even impressed how that looked then. And shower it now with the love healing energy, that all was like that, at that moment of the now. I was not awake yet to do it differently.
REMEMBER we all have a choice now to go natural. I love and respect myself and all others that went through cancer treatments, that were painful, sickmaking, unhuman, unneeded andso on. But I am now looking back again and feel blessed of what I wanted to experience and all I learned. And I am grateful,
Blessed be all with great health.
Namaste, Esnadi🌀💃🌹

FEMALE HEALING vibrations of LOVE💃❤〰️🌈🌀

With this healingsound and lightlanguage video, I am specially channeling today on international womansday, 8th of march, our divine FEMALE energy healing and attunement with our divine masculin energy. Our inner unification of both these divine qualities.This is for both woman and men, for we both are female and masculin.

FEMALE HEALING vibrations of LOVE💃〰️🌈🌀
Sound vibrations and lightlanguage, are our natural ancient ways of healing our frequency. Our body, mind and soul reacts to that on a deeper level. And so when you listen and be receptive, you can activate your DNA and the structure of your frequency, with these higher dimentional vibes.

This will result in healing and restoring your unique frequency.

When you attune to this way of healing, be fully receptive and open to wanting to receive it. You may state to yourself:


Understand that when you give permission to be ready for it, it will work very powerful, even if you are not feeling anything now, your soul and DNA knows.

If this does not resonate with you, that’s ok.

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Please share these special healing FEMALE energies wide and far.

Enjoy, much love to you,

Namaste Esnadi